Terms and Conditions

Accepting the terms:

Before making use of service, read and accept the terms and conditions of our website. The below are the terms and conditions that we impose on every user of our website.

Passwords and Account Security:

You should agree to that fact that only you are responsible to maintain the confidentiality of your account to maintain perfect usage.

Also, you should agree that you are responsible to any of the activity that is hosted from your account.

In case you find any illegal attempts from your account consider intimating us.

Site Content:

Be aware that all the information, data, software, photographs, graphics, videos, text, images, typefaces, sounds, and so on that are listed in our website are protected and undergoes all the copyright policies.

Make note that you cannot edit, share, copy, delete or publish any of the information in our website, as we maintain effective copyright laws. In case if any portion of our content is not belonging to the copyright law, you can make copies but use it only for your personal needs.

Online pricing and offers are valid only for the online customers.


We made introduce advertisements and sales promotion techniques only for the products and services that are available with us. In case for newly launched models you can connect with us for details.

The advertising modes may change according to our needs, and you be aware of it.

So you have to agree to our advertisement terms too before making use of our services.


Sathya Mobiles (http://sathyamobiles.co.in/) is the only trademark of ours, other links in our website may indicate that particular owner.


You will have to choose a particular payment option that is available with us for every time you buy from us, read these instructions carefully:

Our authorized billing team will charge according to the payment method that you have chosen.

You are responsible for all the payments that are done from your account.

In case you find any issues with the payment then you will have to intimate within the five days of payment that is being done.

In case you do not bring to our notice about the issues within 5 days then we cannot assist you with the issues.

If you canceled the order, then we will return back your amount either by NEFT or through Cheque within 10 days of cancellation.

Identification Proof:

We can ask for your identification proof at the time of delivery, if you fail to provide us then we will cancel your order. Also, if we offer you gifts, then proof verification is essential to claim the gifts.

Limitation of Liability:

You therefore consent to completely indenify, safeguard and hold our company and its parent and affiliates and their individual officers, directors, employees and licensors innocuous from and against all cases, risk, misfortunes, expenses and costs caused by you regarding

Any utilization or claimed utilization of our website through your account by any individual, regardless of whether approved by you

The activity and substance on your site

Any rupture of your portrayals and guarantees and different pledges under this understanding

Sathya Mobiles holds the right, at its own cost, to expect the selective safeguard and control of any issue generally subject to repayment by you, and in such case, and consent to coordinate with Sathya Mobiles of such case. By no means and under no lawful hypothesis, tort, contract, strict risk, or something else, will the portable store(s)/content maker or Sathya Mobiles be subject to you or some other individual for any aberrant, uncommon, accidental, or noteworthy harms of any character including, without constraint, harms for lost benefits, loss of altruism, work stoppage, precision of administrations, substance or results, PC disappointment or glitch, harms coming about because of debilitating of the administrations gave as a feature of the versatile store.

Shipping Info:

We deliver your goods within 7 - 12 days to order placement. Shipping charges will be additional and will be explained to your clearly at the time of making orders. We transfer goods only through reputed couriers. We make deliveries only during weekdays. We have rights to cancel your orders at any time. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Applicable Taxes:

All products include certain Tax values and will be intimated to your clearly by our representatives.


Mobile handsets and chargers are justified for a period characterized by the separate fabricates agents imperfection in material and workmanship. Sathya Mobiles isn't giving the warranty and does not hold out any warranty of products sold. Sathya Mobiles won't be in charge of any faulty/inadequate or generally inadmissible products any such flawed or lacking goods must be fixed just by approved service focal point of the hardware manufacturer. Every one of the terms and states of Sathya Mobiles apply. Goods once sold can't be returned or traded.