Privacy Policy


This is to bring to your notice that to have a convenient and comfortable shopping experience read through our privacy guidelines and make your shopping experience the best ever.

Collection, Use, and Security of Personal Info:

We collect certain personal information when you begin with the use of our services, the data we collect include your name, phone number, address and so on. We make use of this information only for the business purpose like to perform transactions and to bill particular products and services. Also, we use your information to send regular updates on the models and offers that we introduce frequently.

We do not share your personal information with any of the third-parties. We protect your data genuinely and maintain the security throughout. You can trust us in disclosing your personal data in order to purchase any products from us.

Access and Choice:

In case you wanna change any of the details that you have registered with us, you can edit or modify it at any time by visiting our website or by contacting our support team. You can also change your marketing preferences if you are the current customer of ours by logging into our account.

Other Privacy Information:

We do not appreciate children below the age of 13 to use our websites and make fake orders without knowingly. We use cookies to keep our clients engaged. We maintain the best practices to keep our customers contented.

In case you have any third-party application installed in your device, you can give access to use your information from the account that you have access with us in case any such need occurs.

Policy Updates and Contact Information:

We use to update our policy teams frequently, and it is up to your end to check the terms often. In case the terms totally vary, we may give you an alert so that you can get to know our recent terms. But be sure that you check the terms often.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the policies, you can contact us via our support number or email us regarding the doubts, we are ready to assist you with it.